Front two rooms....

My next client has a beautiful and spacious home.  All the home needed was just  a little help living up to its full potential.  She definately knew what she "didnt" I helped her decide on what she did.   

The rooms started out with lots of fuirniture, but none of the pieces were to her taste anymore so she got rid of it all and we started fresh. We kept the current wall color exept for a touch of grey we added over in the pool table room.  So with a new color scheme of cream, grey and black we got started!   My client had mentioned that these rooms honestly didnt get much use,.. just that they were the "first rooms you see as you enter through the front door,  so they need to  make a good first impression"...Im thinking we did just that!  

(I dont have a lot of "after" pictures, more soon to come!)