Master Bedroom & Living Room

You cannot help but instantly like my next client!  She is the most down to earth, kindest person I have had the privileged of getting to know in these last couple of weeks. And she has amazing taste as well!  Just needed a little help in pulling it all that's where I come in.

 For the master bedroom, she recently had it painted a soft "Greige" color, and my client also had a "pile" of accessories and furniture and lighting that she has been collecting over the past couple years that just needed homes inside her room.  We then got to work installing a beautiful patterned wall paper to one side of the room for an accent wall, painted the backs only of an existing built in bookcase a soft blue color, and had a beautiful chandelier installed above the bed.  Then, (with a couple big dogs to keep in mind while selection finishes)...I got to work adding all the finishing details to her rooms.   I say we hopefully made what she has been wanting to create all these years for her master suite a success!  While working on the bedroom, she mentioned she needed help pulling together her living room as well.  Again, the room already had the furniture needed for the room (we actually took some out of the room) just needed  to be rearranged and accessorized.  So I got to work on that room as well. And as an added bonus..,  I just started work on her dinning room too! Those pictures soon to come:)

So take a look at these before's and afters of the two rooms....I had such a great time working on them and getting to know this homeowner,  hopefully you will enjoy them just as much!