Big changes are coming!....Master Bed & Bath re-design.

Whew! has been awhile since I have blogged! With three boys on three different baseball teams, I feel I have been living at the baseball park lately.  I love my boys but I am looking forward to baseball season being over! But then comes summer break...and never ends...  But I love it!

OK, back to blogging.  Thought I would show a few before pics of another project I am currently working on.  I adore this couple! They are the sweetest people, so warm and interesting....but their bedroom and bathroom lack anything even remotely close to how great this couple is.  The before pictures of the room are so good, and the afters will be amazing! (at least I have it all decorated in my head as we will love it!) This sweet couple love their family, LOVE to travel, and know exactly what their style is....they just needed help making it all happen.  Pretty much everything in these two rooms are going to change....and all will be done on a pretty strict budget!  The only things I am keeping are the two bedside tables, the bed frame, and the TV. Everything else is either going away or going to have a major face lift.   Also, I have a couple "do-it-yourself" projects that will change the whole look of the room without breaking the bank...Those before and after pictures to come later.

So here are some of the before's....enjoy, take a look around.....because it will look AMAZING in a couple weeks....I promise!