Before and After pics for the Master Bed/Bath project

OK, these after photos been a long time coming I know, but soooo worth the wait! I am so happy with how the before's and afters turned out on this job. I love this couple, and so happy to be able to give them a room they can take a deep breath and relax in after their long busy days.  After new paint colors for both rooms, new tile for the bathroom and beautiful white shutters for the windows in both the bedroom and bath area, I  filled the room with all the pretty it could handle!  My client has a real love for travel especially some really fond memories of a trip to Paris she took with her sisters a couple years ago that I really wanted to take that idea and run with it.  She also told me no dark colors, no orange please and make it spa like....hopefully I hit that mark!

  These are not the real "after" pictures...just some quick ones I snapped with my iPhone...the real after shots for my portfolio will come after I fly the wolds best photographer (also my cousin ) out here to photograph my work...the only person I trust to make me look good! 

( is her web site info, they were just named "Best of Toledo Champions" for photographers and "Parents Choice" for best photographers for Toledo Ohio! Not that I'm bragging....OK, I am bragging..just so so proud of those JEM girls:)

For this project, I custom made the head board, customized some of the pillow covers, up dated her hope chest, framed out the bathroom mirror, took down a huge light box over her bathroom vanity and painted out a garage sale dresser I found for this project.  (All of those before and after and how to photos are on their way:) In the mean time, thanks for stopping by again...and like always, Enjoy!