A big brother's new room, and a sweet little nursery.

I just love this family! They are the most beautiful, loving people, and they are thrilled to be welcoming another little family member very soon.  They have a wonderful home, just needed a little re-arranging of the rooms...big brother is moving out of his room to give the new baby a nursery close to mom and dad, while he is gaining a bigger, more open play space/bedroom.  We kept the existing bedding for both rooms and some of the furniture pieces.  For the nursery we needed decor, storage and had moms favorite rocking chair re-upholstered.  For big brother, he needed storage, storage, storage!  As we moms of boys know, they come with a lot of toys, cars, footballs, basketballs and yes, drum sets!  So take a look at the before's and afters...we didn't need to spend a lot to make some big differences to both of these rooms.  Big Brother was thrilled with his room,  and hopefully new little baby will be equally as cozy in his/her new nursery. 

(again...better quality pictures soon to come:)