Sweet Home Alabama

So excited to share this latest project with you.  This has been a long time coming , but the results are exactly what I had envisioned and my client couldn't be happier.  I met my client through another client's home I did several months ago.  She loved the design of the room's I completed and asked if I would possibly travel to Alabama to help her with her own home...and of course I would!  The project started off with the complete re-design of the "Living- rooms" in her home..these were the dining, office, family, eating nook and sun room.  But soon, she decided since we were doing all this work, might as well complete the entire house so she added in the 3 remaining bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  We completed this job in two trips back to Alabama.  First trip was to decide on the new design and style of the home as well as picking out paint colors and purchasing all the new furniture pieces needed.  The 2nd trip back was to complete the project.  That was a long and very buys 10 days but in the end, the results are amazing.  I am so pleased with how the house has been transformed, but even more, so happy my client is so happy!  

I also had some amazing help with this project..and you know who you are!   I COULD NOT have completed this home with out you.  This will be a project we all will never forget. Thank you for all the help, laughter and amazing memories.  Love you both:)

Roll Tide!


Before : Dining 


Before : Front Office


Before: Family Room


Before: Sunroom


Before: Breakfast Nook


I do not have the "before's of the rest of the rooms...but just had to post the "after's". Enjoy!

Guest Bedrooms

Master Bed & Bath