You have to start somewhere.....

OK, I have finally decided (or shall I say frequently urged to "do something" by my loving husband...) to jump on the Blogging band wagon!  I follow a couple blogs of women I admire and Im so impressed with what they have to say and what they post, I actually look forward to them.  I just never thought I had enough to say to fill up a blog let alone make it interesting enough to read.....but like I kind of mentioned, my husband seems to think I have A LOT to say, so here I go!

And probably guessed it by now,  I will be blogging primarily about Interior Design (I will pause for your applause:) What you may also be asking is what could I possibly blog about that someone hasn't already said?  Yes, good point, but what I mainly will be talking about is MY point of view and thoughts and hints and opinions and ideas on Interior Design.  And, as far as I know....there is not another "natural red headed Interior Designer name Laura Aguilar who recently relocated to North Carolina from Southern California" who is blogging right now about Interior Design sooooo.....there you go!

So hopefully you can all follow along with me on my new blogging journey. And maybe even invite your friends to follow too.  You have to start somewhere , right? Some blogs will be interesting, some funny, maybe one or two boring.....and maybe, just maybe some will actually be helpful!  (no promises, but Im going to do my best) So stay tuned, I am going to come up with my first blog very very soon.  I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what it will be about...but what ever it is, and whenever it is, I can for sure say that it will be about something "Interior Design-y" (is that a word? can I make it one? )

Stay the mean time, here is my view as I attempt this whole blogging thing:)