The problem with Target and the beauty of Gold...

I'm lying, there is no problem with Target...that's the problem!  Affectionately called the "$100" store because even though you THINK you are just going for dog food, somehow you come home with a new sheet set, a wreath for your front door and the latest DVD the kids didn't even know they wanted.  The second those shinny red doors automatically opened and the smell of Starbucks reminds you of how great it is to spend money at Target , all shopping  list's  go out the door!  

Kind of sounds like Im putting Target down,  in reality I truly am in love with that store!  Its my go to, I feel safe there, I know where everything is,  people know me there.  OK,  actually no one knows me there, but you get the point.

Anywho, here is how I am connecting this rant about Target  to  Interior Design. Target is seriously right on point when it comes to decorating.  Aisle after aisle is dedicated to helping you cheaply make your home over in the matter of minutes.   Grant it, my past  clients can attest to me  telling them, "don't buy cheap, you end up spending more money in the long run" (said in my best professional Interior designer-y voice) but I am also mainly talking about big ticket items like rugs or couches...not trinkets and pillows and frames that Target is oh so famous for having.  You may also be asking yourself why I'm not going on and on about Homegoods? Trust me, I should just leave a pillow and toothbrush at Homegoods since I am there so often, but the title of the blog has the word Target in it so I'm sticking to it, lets keep going...

  Target is  perfect for subtly letting you know what colors and accents are "IN" for the moment.  Take these couple of pics I snapped the other day while I was shopping for "dog food".

Notice anything?  Yup! Gold (or aged Brass) is HUGE right now as an accent!   No matter what colors you put it with, Gold is "so in right now"! (always wanted to say that:)  

I'm not saying change every faucet or door knob in your home to Gold, I do feel like Gold is a fad that may leave soon... but,  that's why Target is so great!  You can buy a stack of cute boxes or a pretty accent table or some cool frames, swap them in for the black and wood ones you already have and voila!  You are more up to date then you were  5 minutes ago.  Lighting is also easy, change out your lamps , lamp shades and even your hanging pendents to some pretty Gold accented ones that yes, are also available at Target.

Pretty sure cutie pie designer Nate Berkus in the picture above, also using Gold accents as you can see, would agree with me. (at least in my head he is smiling at me and telling me how right I am and then offering me a Job in either his Chicago or New York city offices, then we go to dinner and he makes me God Mother to his new baby daughter named Poppy....)

Oooops, sorry....lets get back to Gold shall we?

So , there you go. Adding a little Gold or aged Brass is such a great idea to update any room in your home.  Start adding in small amounts and see what you think, you just might surprise yourself.   In the mean time, here are some more examples of how lovely Gold really is.

Hope your day is Golden!