Always look up!

Can anyone guess what this blog is going to be about? Anyone?.... Yup,  you guessed it you smart little designers. Its about  Curtains!  I know, its hard to contain your excitement.  Windows and their coverings are awesome.  Who doesn't love a room with beautiful windows adorned by  just the perfect window treatments? No really, is there anyone who doesn't love windows?  It's impossible to not love a window.  Even if the view is less then desirable, a room without natural light coming in is just.....well......No Bueno. (yes I went bilingual there, no I'm not technically Spanish but I married a very good looking  man who happens to be part Spanish so I like the language OK?!)   Anyways....where was I?  Oh yes, windows and how you should always "look up" when you decide to dress a  window.  Let me explain...  

Even though we all agree that windows are awesome, they can be tricky and expensive to try to "dress up".  First problem I see a lot in clients homes  is people hang there curtain rods two low.  They usually hang their rods at the top of the windows, when where you should really be hanging your rod is as close to the ceiling as you can get. Doing this makes your eyes go all the way up to the ceiling, making your rooms appear taller.  When the rod is hung at the top of a window, your eye stops there, sometimes cutting the height of the room in half.   The problem is,  a normal window panel sold in most of the Big Box stores are 84" long.  If you measured from the floor to top of an average window, the measurement you come up with is typically just that,  84" .  But the average ceiling height is 96"-108".  If you hang your rod as close to your ceiling as you can, your eye will continue to  follow the  curtains all the way up.  Now, no matter what the height of your ceiling is, your room will instantly feel taller and more open.   Here is an example of how curtains hung to low can completely change the look and feel of the whole window and room. (I grabbed this picture from Pinterest.  Seriously what did we ever do before Pinterest? many times can I say Pinterest?)

Can you see the difference?  Amazing right?  See...I'm not crazy.  (OK,  this can probably be debated considering who you talk to and what time of the month you talk to them, but for right now lets just say I'm not crazy.....lets move on.)


 Here are a couple affordable solutions of what you can do to fix your Widow issues. If you found curtains that you love (and can actually afford) at say Target, Cost Plus World Market or Pier One and they are only 84" but you need 96",  try ordering  them online from the same store in the lengths you need.   No really, pretty much any panel you find at either of those stores  have 96" lengths and sometimes even 108" available on their web sites for not that much more money!  Trust me on this. You will be so much happier with your windows and your rooms if you order the longer lengths needed to make your "eye look up" .  Here are some examples of curtains hung correctly.  This trick works especially well with vaulted ceilings too. 

Another option is to add some length to the bottom or the top of your curtains to make them the length you need.  For example, you can find some beautiful panels at  Homegoods ,  TJ Maxx  and Marshals for as low as $15 a panel. Typically these panels will be 84" long.  What I have done for clients in the past is buy an extra panel or two in the same pattern or in a coordinating color and add the extra length needed to my other panels to make them the 96" or 108" .   Weather you add extra fabric on the top or bottom of you panels, the results look amazing. 

See how beautiful these look and how much grander the window appears  as a result?  I know, amazing right? Can we all just agree, Windows are awesome!

Another option is the stores  Potterybarn, Williams Sonoma Home and West Elm to  name just a few,  all offer the longer lengths in their stores, and very rarely even have the 84" length at all.  You will definitely pay a little more but they will be ready to hang as soon as you get home!  (great quality too..) Also , going custom is always a wonderful option too.  Find a  seamstress (or you can do your own if you are awesome like that) and sew away!  I used an amazing seamstress , who was also my amazing neighbor, and many times with the left over fabric she would make coordinating pillows as well. So many options!

So, to wrap up this amazing tale about Windows and Curtains and Rods.....lets all remember one thing. For windows and in Life for that matter.... lets "Always Look Up!"