Too Blessed to be Stressed!

How great is this saying?!  I remember my Grandpa saying this so many times and I often think of it.  I obviously just took it as "one of Grandpa's sayings" when I was younger.  He had a few...often when someone would ask how he was doing he would answer "Better than I deserve!"  Loved that one too.  But this one is my favorite, and it means so much more to me now. Stress is a horrible thing, and the last last thing anyone needs is for their home of all places to be their stress point!  How horrible.  Your home should be your sanctuary.  The place everyone in your family feels comfy, loved, accepted and especially not stressed.   I believe design plays a huge part in how you feel when you come home each day.  If you come home with a lot of un-finished projects, paint on your walls that you hate & clutter everywhere, you just don't feel "at home"  right?  You tend to look around thinking "I should replace that" or "I need to find a place for that" are not relaxing , you are  stressing over all the things that still need to be done or changed.  And believe it or not, it doesn't take a lot to change some things to help you Love where you Live. Even something as just the right color on your walls can change a room's mood completely.   When you walk into a room that is cozy and well put together and organized, you want to stay a while right? Take a look at these pictures below from Laura Aguilar Interiors..what one would you want to stay in?)

Now, I'm not saying go out and buy all new things and completely redesign your home.  Simple changes here & there can be huge! Let's say your kids love to play in your family room with all their toys while you make dinner.  So why not store their toys in some beautiful baskets or cool book shelves? If you have tons of photo albums you love to look through but they are just piled up in a corner or cupboard somewhere, why not put them up on a pretty shelf so you will have easy access to them any time.  You dont have to spend a ton of money to do these things either.  I for one love Ikea book shelves.  I used them in the nursery, master bedroom and photography studio I did in the photo's below.  You can dress them up in so many ways by combining different sizes together, adding molding around the edges, add pretty knobs to doors and even painting or wall papering the backs of the book shelves to add color and detail.  


 And if you walk into your home from the garage or front door with your hands full of keys, mail and a dog leash...why not put in a pretty table with a tray on top and a cool rack of hooks across it. Not only is it something pretty for you to look at as soon as you enter your home,but you will be  instantly organized and less stressed. Like the the Entry Way photo below, the table is from Cost Plus World Market along with the tray, basket & rug from Homegoods, and lamp from Target. All in-expensive items,  but together they created such a better feeling for the homeowner then dumping everything onto the kitchen counter when she came home every day.  Baskets by stairways are a great idea too...just drop things into the basket the belong up stairs, so when you do happen to run up for something, grab whats in the basket and take it with you.  The stuff is not lying around on the ground making a mess and making you stressed, its put away until your ready to put it away!

 And don't forget your kids rooms.  Its a great thing to teach them young to put stuff away, and know where their stuff is.  Homework stations and toy storage are great things to do in bedrooms and play rooms. Bookshelf's, baskets, wall shelves, & trays all help making things not only clean, but look great too! These small changes can really help how you feel in your own home.  Basically any room in your home can benefit from a book case or shelf's or the combo of the two, like home office's or craft rooms.  Take a look at some more of my clients rooms below for more inspiring ideas of your own!

So there you go, add those book cases or wall shelf's to organize your favorite trinkets, go ahead and change that paint color you have hated for years, add a little entry table and organize your life as soon as  you enter the door.   These little inexpensive changes will do wonders for you and your home, I promise!

  And always try to really are "Too blessed to be Stressed!"