Diamond Rings and Old Barstools

Best title of a country song ever! This is the title of the latest hit by that hunk of a man named Tim Mcgraw.  I just love this song.  But sadly enough, and this is so my way of thinking, this song did not make me think of a love story gone wrong....but rather how great old and new look together in design!  Ya, I know. Its not normal to think of design when someone like Tim Mcgraw is singing a love song but I do.  So let me try to explain this brain of mine..OK, never mind.  I don't think I could ever explain that.  Instead let me tell you why mixing the old in with the new is pure perfection in the design world.

Lets start with some  pretty pictures of what I'm talking about.  I just love pretty pictures.  Here you go...

I love the old wood beam in a new sparkly white kitchen, and the rustic table in front of the beautiful tufted sofa is perfect!  And seriously, who wouldn't love  sleeping in a bed with a newly upholstered headboard up against this amazing old brick wall. So great!   I just feel when you mix things up a bit, these rooms become so much more interesting to look at and be in.  When the whole room is fancy, or the whole room is antique, you really don't know what to look at first.  The room becomes to serious, and not so cozy.  

But lets bring our conversation back to Mr. Mcgraw shall we?  One of the lines of his songs says  "ones the future and ones the past".   Again, fantastic idea!  Why not add in your grandma's old kitchen table or vintage trunk into your newly designed living room as a coffee table or a great game table?  What a wonderful conversation piece and memory you will have every time you pass by it.  (another pretty picture of what I'm talking about...)

Isn't this great!  So beautiful and well put together, but you are not afraid to sit down and put your feet up.  And honestly, the more scratches or bumps or scraped paint there is, the better.   A well designed room should be lived in, not just looked at.  And the more memories and stories you can pack into a room, the better.  A beautiful silver lamp on top of a thrift store dresser instantly adds interest.  And ,  wouldn't you love to sit for hours at a dinner party in a beautiful freshly painted dining room with an amazing old barn wood table?   Take a look at what I mean...

So, there you go.  Thank you Tim Mcgraw! You can never go wrong mixing a little old with a little new, just like  "Diamond Rings and Old Bar Stools".

Oh...I almost forgot the most important picture in this post.  (you can thank me later ;)

  Enjoy you're day!