From c.a. to n.c.!

OK, when my family and I made the move across the country form California to North Carolina , it was an adventure to say the least!  Don't get me wrong, we love it here....just took some getting used to thats for sure.  In California I was used to always being in a hurry, having a drive through Starbucks on every corner, never having to say the word "y'all"  and absolutely no mosquitos! Now I have had to learn to slow down, wave to EVERY CAR that passes by, have full conversations with check out people, & buy tons and tons of bug spray.   Oh, and actually getting out of my car to pick up my Starbucks (seriously though, we need way more drive thrus out here, don't y'all agree??)

 But we do love it, people couldn't be nicer, the change of seasons is amazing and leaning to slow down has done wonders for my family.  But then there was my work...I was used to being in high demand in California as an Interior Designer!  Fast forward to living in the South and not a soul knew who I was and what I did.  Then, along came the Kline family.  Not only were they kind enough to take a chance on this unknown designer from CA, they gave me full run on their brand new custom built home! I will forever be thankful to this sweet family for not only giving me and my business my start I needed here in the South, but for having so much trust in me to do what it is I love to do! I had a blast working on this home, and I hope you love the way it turned out just as much as they did.

Here are the before's and afters of their family & kitchen rooms of their home.




Thank you Kline family!   I will always be grateful for this opportunity you gave me, I hope you enjoy your home as much as I enjoyed designing it!