Adding in Pink...

Its not often that I get to work with the color PINK.  Sure, a nursery or child's room here or there, but we forget what a beautiful and versatile color pink can be!  This client hired me to add some much needed decor and storage to the family room in her beautiful new home. In the entry way, I walked past a table that had a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers sitting on it. For some reason, it caught my eye and stuck with me. In talking with my client about her style, we decided to go with lovely soft shades of grey and creams and whites...and then add in some pink!  As always, personalizing the home for my client was one of the best parts of the job. This client had some amazing photographs of her wedding bouquet that she had always wanted to use, and yup you guessed it...they are pink! Glad we could work it in!

Take a look at her beautiful room, and you too may RETHINK PINK!