What to expect with a Designer

Have you ever wanted to work with an Interior Designer but have no idea where to start?  This blog post will take into account my 12 years in the business and provide you with some basic information to set your mind at ease.

Here are THREE of the most COMMON QUESTIONS I get from potential clients: 


Answer: WHAT DON'T WE DO??? It differs for all designers, but for me, there isn't any job too big or too small to take on. Anything that you need help with, a designer can lend a hand. I have helped clients with something as simple as choosing paint colors, rearranging existing furniture, selecting finishes for kitchens and baths, coordinating upholstery and window treatments selections, or designing boards for individual rooms. I have also decorated entire homes and rooms. My clients' budgets have ranged from a few hundred dollars to unlimited.  I have even been hired to "break a design tie" between a husband and wife!  The point is, a designer can simply help you make a decision you are stuck on, point you in the right direction or make the decisions for you. No job is too big or too small for this girl- and I enjoy them all!


Answer: There are two important things you can do before your first meeting that will make the design process much easier. First,  have a general idea of the style you like and share it with me. Pinterest is my preferred tool. You can find a lot of beautiful rooms and designs that will help me understand your style. Not technologically inclined? Show me your favorite design magazines or let me know what your favorite HGTV show is to watch- this all helps me piece together your style. This is the most important piece because while I can design rooms/homes in my sleep...the biggest challenge is making sure I am able to select the pieces and special touches that will make your home truly yours. Second, budget is a huge component! Having a good idea on how much you want to spend really helps me know how much I can do to each room, giving you a more realistic picture of how your room will look when finished. I offer a one-hour free design consultation. If you can provide this information to me at this time, it will help me make the most of your time and get you the best results. 


Answer:  Of course, the cost depends on the scope of the project, and may differ depending on the designer you hire. However, there are a few more common ways designers charge for their services. I try to be flexible and work with my clients to determine the best billing method for the project. One option is hourly. This method makes sense when you want me to help you with specific design decisions such as, which paint color to use, which curtain fabric to go with or how to arrange furniture.  This is also great when you just need a little help shopping too!  The second option is whole room or whole home charge.  Designing an entire room/house is a huge project and if charged hourly, would exceed most budgets. This payment usually makes the most sense for a client who has a larger project, would like to delegate more responsibility to me and would like to know their budget in advance.  Of course this budget/quote does not include the cost of furnishings, though I will provide an estimate so that clients have all of the information they need to make a decision they feel comfortable with. For both options, a deposit is required, then depending on the scope, the remaining balance is typically due on install day.  

I hope this information helps you feel more comfortable with the prospects of hiring a designer. Now call me already, and let's get started!