Designer Tips & Tricks

As a designer, it is my job to help my clients translate their likes, dislikes and personal style into their décor. There’s a lot to think about…spacing, balance, contrast and texture- but perhaps the biggest challenge is finding a way to incorporate each clients’ personality into their design. Anyone can copy a page from Pinterest or Pottery Barn- but a truly beautiful home, one that is warm, welcoming, and a place that people want to be- is something more. A HOME is a place where people live- where their story plays out. Over the next few posts I will reveal a few of my suggestions/tips for creating an environment that exudes personality and will guarantee you LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE!

Tip #1

Photo walls!  Anyone who know's me, or any of my clients, knows I love me a good photo wall.  It is one of my favorite most cost effective ways to bring amazing decor and interest into your home.  Now, staged professional photos can be a lovely focal point in your home. Photographs of our families with serene faces, in coordinating outfits with soft filters remind of how lovely life can be. But as nice as those photos are to look at, do they really tell your story? Are they the photos that make you smile and tug on your heart?  We suggest combing through your photos to find those that you love the most-you know-the ones that give you warm fuzzies or make you laugh. Something unexpected! Your kids may be teenagers now, but Im all for adding in some of your favorite baby photos of them, you know the ones that makes you tear up every time you see it. And, there was a time, before kiddos came that we did in fact have our wedding photos up, didn't we? A photo wall is  a perfect place to add one in, your kids love to see it up and it serves as a beautiful reminder of where your story began.  Add in a wood sign or two, a shelf for dimension and an old empty window frame for other words, get creative! It could be a focal point on a blank wall, decor for around a TV, in a kitchen or even a nursery... photo walls are the perfect addition to any home decor.  Not only will you smile every time you look at this interesting combination of objects and past and present photo's, it will help incorporate warmth and movement into your décor- and will be a GREAT conversation starter!