Stylish, Kid-Friendly Spaces

You have kids, so inevitably, you are going to have some clutter in your otherwise spotless home. However, it doesn’t have to take over your entire house! I have been asked to re-imagine plenty a playroom, and have a few tried and true tricks to hide the messes made by your little cuties. You can reclaim your home while still allowing your little ones a comfy, cozy place to play.

#1- Pick finishes and fabrics that are beautiful…but KID FRIENDLY.

Anyone with a 3 year-old knows that coffee tables make the perfect race track for match box cars or dance floor for Barbies. Don’t fight it! Choose a table that won’t scratch easily or show wear and tear like barn wood or a hammered metal. Or better yet, choose an upholstered option so that when the coffee table becomes a trampoline or part of a fort, you won’t have to worry about anything breaking.

Side and game tables with rounded corners protect little heads from being bruised. I love to add in as many upholstered poufs and ottomans as I can. These are perfect for moving around the room for gaming.

Sofas and side chairs can be upholstered in washable fabrics, slip covers that can be cleaned or replaced or leather that can easily be wiped down.

And, I always do my best to incorporate pillows that have a cover equipped with zippers. This allows for easy removal and are washing, if necessary.

#2- Storage, storage and MORE storage!

You can’t have enough baskets! Feel free to mix deep baskets, baskets with lids, open baskets, stackable baskets , all in a variety of sizes. You can hide anything from books to dolls (and their many outfits) to train sets and even those pesky legos in easy to access spots for your little ones. All of our favorite stores like Homegoods, Target and World Market have fabric, metal, leather and woven options to choose from that will fit any style of home. Baskets provide a way to keep your playroom organized and pretty, while allowing your child an easy way to clean up after themselves. Now that’s a WIN-WIN!

#3- No theme necessary

OK, just because these are technically “kid spaces” DOES NOT mean you have to plaster the walls in Disney Princesses or dinosaurs to make your kids feel welcome. Take into account style throughout the rest of your home and allow it to flow through your playroom. Add in additional colors and textures, creative toy storage and kid friendly furniture. Make the room come alive with fun pictures of your kiddos or their artwork framed. You will have a finished space not only for the kids, but for your entire family to enjoy.