Gallery wall, the heart of the home!

I know everyone says that the heart of the home is their kitchen. It's certainly where most families spend a lot of time! That being said, I personally think there is nothing more heart warming than a gallery wall featuring photos of loved ones, friends and family!

Photo walls can be a great conversation starter, serve as a reminder of wonderful times past, or cause you to pause and reflect on the favorite people or times in your life. It's worth noting, however, that a photo wall doesn't just have to be a collection of picture frames. You can add in a pretty mirror, a shelf for more display options or wood signs to add some texture and variety into your space. Do you have a favorite bible verse that you would like to be reminded of? Get a custom sign made and hang it in your gallery wall. Maybe you have a favorite city that you visited or a beloved home-town? Frame maps of the areas that mean something special to you and group them on a wall. Etsy is a great place to find beautiful maps to fit any decor. By doing this, you have personalized your space in a way that it unique to you and your family. That's what makes a house a home!

One benefit of a gallery wall is cost-effectiveness. If you need to fill up a large, blank wall, photo walls can take up a lot of space for very little financial investment. Frames can vary in size and color, or all be matching. I love doing both depending on the style of the home it's going in. Family rooms, bedrooms and hallways are often areas with large walls and therefore, wonderful locations to display your gallery wall.
How about all of those lovely works of art your kiddos are so proud of. What do you do with all of them? Well that's easy! Frame them and create a display in their play room! It will not only help you stay organized and keep some of their childhood art safe for years to come, but it also gives your little ones a sense of pride to see all their hard work displayed for all to see.

One final thought...I am often asked what types of photos to feature in a gallery wall, and while those gorgeous, black and white, professional family photos of everyone in matching outfits and the perfect smile can look great, some of my favorite gallery walls are those that feature heartfelt, special moments in bright, blazing color. Silly, sweet, hilarious or whatever makes you smile every time you walk by is the right photo to put in the frame. After all, our home is a reflection of you and your family. Why not surround yourself with those moments that you treasure?