Every time I accessorize a room, there seems to be a few recurring items that I use to make it nice and cozy. Thankfully, for the sake of a clever blog title, they all start with the letter B! So what are they? Glad you asked. Read on and find out…


I can’t think of a room in the house that wouldn’t benefit from having a few well placed baskets in it. From game rooms and nurseries, to bedrooms, family rooms and kitchens, it seems like there is always a need for storage. The great thing is, you can mix any style such as woven, fabric or leather to create a great look. Baskets are also a fantastic way to fill up a big space or add texture to a room without breaking the bank. There are great options available from Homegoods, Target, World Market and other retailers.


What I love about benches is their variety and versatility. You can find upholstered styles, wooden benches, with or without storage…even benches with wheels! The come in every imaginable length, width, shape and color and can be used in a variety of ways. Of course they are a low-profile way of adding extra seating in a room, but benches can also be used to fill space on a long, empty wall, and are a perfect place near the entry door to sit down and put your shoes on, or throw your purse. A bench can also be used in a smaller space in place of a coffee table. Adding a bench is a great way to add in texture, color and even patterns. Again, they are affordable and readily available!


Books are wonderful to read, of course, but are often over-looked as a great decor piece! I use books in almost all of my designs to add texture and color in a book shelf, on a side table or even on trays and coffee tables. They are utilitarian too, in that they help provide height and dimension where needed. I love vintage books and use these gems in a variety of colors and textures whenever I can, but also love to find books with titles that are meaningful to my client. What a fun way to add personality to a project! Whether it's an antique book of love poems for a master bedroom, special children’s books for a nursery, photo books for a game rooms or large coffee table books for an easy read in a family room, books are always one of the ways I customize a space for a client. I buy many of my vintage books on Etsy, and also love scouring antique stores for vintage sets that make an impact in my designs.

So there you have it! The 3 Essential Bs for creating a cozy space. Happy shopping!